Irish Doodles!

Irish Doodles are a cross between an Irish Setter and a Poodle.

The goal of breeding an Irish Doodle is to produce healthy puppies with the friendliness and happy-go-lucky nature of the Irish Setter, combined with the non-shedding coat of the Poodle.

We were one of the very first Irish Doodle breeders, and we've gotten a lot of experience since then!

Irish Doodle

Oak Hill Farm Irish Doodles

Our Oak Hill Farm Irish Doodles come from the best of the best. Our pure-bred breeding dogs are all AKC Registered. Our parent Poodles, Irish Setters and Irish Doodles are all health-tested, and come from health-tested lines themselves. We test using OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and PawPrints. The OFA testing is a series of x-rays that are taken by veterinarians and sent into the OFA for certification. We test for hips, elbows, eyes and patellas (kneecaps). The PawPrint testing is genetic testing that screens for common genetic defects in the breeds.

Irish Doodle Puppy from Oak Hill Farm Doodles
Irish Doodle Puppy from Oak Hill Farm Doodles
Irish Doodle Puppy from Oak Hill Farm Doodles

Irish Doodle or Goldendoodle?

We've bred both the Irish Doodle and the Goldendoodle, and this is our experience with the two breeds. It seems people have forgotten the wonderful qualities of the Irish Setter. The Irish Setter is a little more fine-boned and carries itself with a little more elegance than the Golden Retriever. They are wonderful, happy-go-lucky, fun-loving dogs. We think this creates a more elegant Doodle with a remarkably good-natured personality. We also find that Irish Setters do not shed as much as Golden Retrievers making the no-to-low shed coat even better in the Irish Doodle than the Goldendoodle. Irish Doodles are are not as common and can be a bit more difficult to find than Goldendoodles, but we think it's worth the search!

Irish Doodle Hybrid Vigor

One of the best reasons to breed Irish Doodles, aside from their non-shedding benefits, is to create a healthier puppy. Pure bred lines going back over time, will inevitably develop certain genetic anomolies, that are passed down through generations. Mixing breeds from entirely different genetic pools cancels out these anomolies in both breeds, making for stronger, healthier offspring. This concept is referred to as hybrid vigor.


Irish Doodles are great family pets, but also make excellent service dogs and therapy dogs. Not only are they beautiful with their deep red coats, the Irish Doodles are an amazing breed that loves water, are easily trained, and have low-to-no-shed coats. Irish Doodles thrive to make their families happy. They have a very easy-going personality and love to please.

Irish Doodle Puppy from Oak Hill Farm Doodles
Irish Doodle Puppy from Oak Hill Farm Doodles
Irish Doodle Puppy from Oak Hill Farm Doodles
Irish Doodle Puppy from Oak Hill Farm Doodles
Irish Doodle Puppy from Oak Hill Farm Doodles


We breed F1 and F1B generations to ensure the highest amount of hybrid vigor while still being able to meet the smaller size demands of our customers.

The F1 generation is known as the First Generation. It is the cross of the two pure-breds, the Poodle and the Irish Doodle.

The F1B generation is known as a First Generation Crossback. It is the cross of a First Generation Irish Doodle with a Poodle. This allows for even greater non-shedding and allergy-friendly dogs. However, there is some give-up of the Irish Setter personality traits, as these dogs are essentially 75% Poodle.


We breed both Mini Irish Doodles and Standard Irish Doodles. Our mini Irish Doodles are approximately 30 - 45 pounds, and our Standards are in the range of 50 - 65 pounds.


The Irish Doodle coat is wavy to curly. Depending on how much brushing you want to do, you can keep your Irish Doodle in a longer or shorter coat. Grooming once every 8 weeks is sufficient. The standard grooming cut leaves the ears, face and tail longer, and trims the body shorter. If you keep the body trimmed, you will not have to brush them at all between groomings. If you like it longer, the coat will require daily or weekly brushing.


The lifespan of an Irish Doodle is typically in the 12 - 15 year range, perhaps a bit longer for the Minis.