Irish Doodle-
Irish Setter x Poodle
Move over Goldendoodles
Irish Doodles are here!!!
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Irish Doodles are a cross between an Irish Setter and
Poodle. With the Irish Doodle the goal is to produce
a litter of healthy puppies with the friendliness and
happy-go-lucky nature of the Irish Setter, combined
with the non-shedding coat of the poodle. WE ARE
The Irish Setter and Poodle are both very intelligent
breeds, are naturally clean and easily trained. Both
the Irish Setter and Poodle love water making the
Irish Doodles loving it too!
Many people believe that DOODLES benefit from "HYBRID VIGOR"
HYBRID VIGOR is occurs when  the gene pool has been expanded by the crossing of
the 2 breeds. Many breeds suffer from defects specific to their breed. It can happen
to the best of them. The crossing of 2 different breeds increases their gene pool Our
goal is to significantly decrease these health issues while still giving you a well
bred dog. We are breeding to get the best genetics of both breeds to ensure long
and happy lives for our babies.
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Differences between Irish
Doodle and Goldendoodles-
We have  been blessed to have experiences with the Goldendoodles and the Irish
Doodles! Both are great breeds and very similar in appearance, but we have
noticed that the Irish Doodle tend to hold their dark red color where the Red
Goldendoodles tend to fade. The Irish Setter is a little more fine bone and carry
their selves with more elegance than Golden Retrievers creating a more elegant
doodle. Irish Setters do not shed as much as Golden Retrievers making the
no-to-low shed even  better in the Irish Doodles. Irish Doodles tend to have an
even better nature than Goldendoodles. Irish Doodles are also a lot harder to find
than Goldendoodles. It seems people have forgotten the wonderful qualities of the
Irish Setter.This has been our experience with the 2 breeds this being said at this
time we no longer will be breeding Goldendoodles.
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Irish Doodles are great
family pets, service dogs &
therapy dogs  . Past the
beauty of the Irish Doodle
they are an amazing breed  
that loves water, easily
trained low-to-no-shed. Irish
Doodles thrive to make their
famiy happy.