Welcome to Oak Hill Farm Doodles! What can I say we LOVE doodles here. We are experienced  doodle
breeders of
12 years and experienced dog breeders for 23 years. All of our dogs are our beloved pets first
and foremost. We breed for health, temperament, conformation, and color in that order. We spare no
expense with our parents or puppies. All of our sires and dams have been chosen  from top quality  
breeding stock to ensure you have a long lived best friend. We are very proud of all of our dogs and puppies
and put a lot of effort into them. Every page  and link on this site will have pictures of our parent and
puppies. We are located in Pelham N.C. 5 minutes south of Danville VA and 20 minutes north of
Greensboro N.C. We Offer a written Heath & Temperament Guarantee with all puppies!
What is the difference between Goldendoodles and
Irish Doodles you ask?
They are almost identical in appearance. Irish
Setters are a little more fine boned than a golden
retriever so the Irish Doodle is a little more elegant.
Everyone has a Goldendoodle be one of the first to
own an Irish Doodle!
Goldendoodles as well as Irish
Doodles are low to no shed. Most
people that have allergies due to pet
dander can own poodle hybrid with
no problem..
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Pelham N.C.
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F1 Irish Doodle
As of Oct 26, 2017 we have 2 Irish
Doodle males ready now 3 Tri
Aussiedoodles ready now. Taking
dep on 2 Irish Doodle males ready
Dec 21,2017

up dated Oct 2, 2017