This is Luke after much thought and consideration we
decided to add a white standard male to our program. We
plan to have a litter of Pyredoodles in 2016. Look for his
puppies in 2016 these will be very large babies! We may also
use him for F1 Standard Pooghans.  Luke is open for stud
service please contact us for info on his fee. He is a fun boy
and  listens very well. He is 100% a peoples dog!
What else can I say about Celeste she is 100%
class!!! She is a gorgeous Afghan Hound her fur is
soft as silk and no shed!! Fun loving girl always
ready for a hug and kiss what a wonderful addition
to our family! Her pedigree is full of champions!!
This is our little Rosie (she want be little long)! She is from our June 4th litter she is one of our Irish Setter
babies! We have had to drive all over the US to get our Irish Setters so when we found an outstanding AKC
Irish Setter male local we knew we had to breed pure and keep a puppy!! We  have had this line of Irish Setters
for 3 generations!!  She will be future mom to Irish Doodles her mom has produced gorgeous Irish Doodles for
us and we cant wait to see what Rosie produces. She loves swimming in her pool and our pond her best friend
is Sky.
Rosie at 6 months old
This is Molly she is the Gentle Giant. She loves all
creatures big and small. She will be the mother to
Pyredoodles. She is the most well mannered house dog.
See more pictures of her on
Penny's page click here