Our Past Pooghans and
what their new family have
to say!!!
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Hi there! just wanted to tell you how much we are deeply in love
with Thor! He is a great addition to our home and has bonded nicely with
our daughter. We struggled with potty training but I think we have 90%
success so that is great!
He is 17 lbs already! Yes, he still loves his food��
Pooghan puppy, oakhillfarmdoodles, goldendoodle
We have  had so many compliments on her
and she is so well behaved :-)  She is at 12 lbs!
She has been amazing and has adjusted well!!
Thank You for everything you have done
again. We are so in love we feel like a complete
Pooghan puppy, oakhillfarmdoodles,F1B Pooghan
Pooghan, goldendoodle, oakhillfarmdoodles
Thanks... The vet was very impressed
with him and everyone that sees him
want to pick him up and hold him...  July
24 2015
He is about 15 pounds now. He's a sweet
puppy. Very docile. We have trained him
to sit, lay shake and he rings a bell to use
the potty very smart dog! August 2015
Pooghan, oakhillfarmdoodles,goldendoodle
I love Gracie and it is awesome she
doesn't shed. I am glad i got her instead
of a Golden doodle!!