The Pooghan is a cross between the Afghan Hound  (which are very hard to
come by) and poodle. The Afghan Hound is by far one of the most classy
breeds they are sight hounds and very loving they carry their selves with such
elegance. Pooghans are also know as Affydoodles and Affypoos. These
puppies are very similar to Goldendooldes and Irish Doodles as all Doodles
have similar appearance. A few of the differences we have found with this
cross is  these are true 100% no shed as neither of the parent breeds shed they
both have human like hair( it feels like silk) and their ability to be fun loving
and energetic but can change at the flip of a switch to being a lap dog melting
into your arms thus we have labeled them the rag doll breed of dogs.
Gee Gee  has done it again she has 6  beautiful  Pooghan Puppies
born May 25, 2017  2 males 4 females.
 All of our babies come with
written health and temperament guarantee, puppy care pack
heath care done by our vet and lifetime breeder support. When
you get a puppy from us you become part of our dog family!!!
Pooghan puppies 1500
Click Here to see what they look like as they have grown

Taking dep ready for their homes July 25, 2017
Patrick AKC Red Poodle
father to pups
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Phantom Female
Pooghan/Affydoodle curly
Red Female Pooghan/
Affydoodle will have long
wavy hair
Cream Female Pooghan/
affydoodle  wavy hair
Red Domino Male
Pooghan/ Affydoodle
will be light curls
Cream female Pooghan /
Affydoodle #2 will be wavy
Tri male Pooghan /
Affydoodle will be wavy